Angels Program


Our Angels Program offers free dance to children in the community. This program is for people who have come on hard times or are in a poverty situation that would not allow then to participate in any extra circular activity. Most of these dancers come from nominations from current students who have seen an individual that they know would not be able to have the opportunity to dance due to the financial commitment.

The children selected must demonstrated the desire and physical ability necessary to participate in our dance program. In turn we will provide them with an unparalleled experience in receiving dance completely free. Our goal is to help these dancers become inspired to overcome limits imposed by poverty, bias, and language barriers. We want to reach far beyond the lessons of dance technique. We hope that the skills and values instilled in the dancers will be instrumental in giving them long-term success.

We have found that our dance program shows an increased focus in school. A number of parents have expressed their child exudes a new found self-confidence. They are also able to handle their emotions on a different level then they were before.


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