Class Attire

Dance Attire

Correct attire is required and is important for the dancer’s success in class. When students dress like a dancer they act and dance like a dancer.  More importantly they need to be in the right attire so they can move. The correct attire helps us see body alignment to make sure dancers are moving correctly. This will aid in teaching correct habits and avoid injury.

As a general rule plan on following the dance attire: Girls: Fitted dancewear. IE: Leotard, Unitard, Fitted T-shirt, Tank, Leggings, Shorts, Capri & Skirts, Tights. Boys: Clothes they can move in IE: Loose athletic shorts, athletic pant, t-shirt, tank top, etc.

We do not allow: Jeans, tops with revealing sides, low cut tops, midriff tops, cheeker-peeker leotards or shorts or other inappropriate dancewear. Our rules states No Butts, No Guts (Belly) No Coconuts (Boobs, Bras showing). If a dancer is dressed inappropriately they will be asked to change. Parents will be notified and a rental uniform will be supplied to wear for the day and $5 rental fee will be charged to your account on file.


For all classes hair should be worn up away from face and secured. Dancers must provide their own hair ties and bobby pin to secure hair. Some choreography may require hair to be down, director will instruct students on when this is appropriate.


Technique classes No shoes are required. Dancers can dance bare foot but, no socks allowed. If you dancer wears tights they will need to wear dance shoes over them to avoid injury. If they need something for their feet for turns we suggest purchasing foot undeez.

Competition teams must bring all shoes and wear them according to the style of dance we are working on.

Hip Hop: Tennis shoes. They must be clean and free of debris. Do not wear them outside.

Jazz: Gore Boots (color TBA)

Acrobatic & Contemporary: Foot undeez

Lyrical & Ballet: Lyrical Shoes (foot undeez/ballet shoes may be required for younger ages)

Other Shoes may be added.