★★★★★ 5 Stars

I absolutely love this studio. I've never seen a director/teacher/business owner SO dedicated to her dancers and their families as she is! I'd totally recommend her! - Jessica

★★★★★ 5 Stars

I love how Dawn can transform a child/ teen/ young adult to become an excellent dancer! She builds confidence in each dancer!- Tamara

★★★★★ 5 Stars

Dawn is the bomb! Everyone needs to dance with her!!! - Kiera

★★★★★ 5 Stars

Dawn is an amazing teacher! She creates a safe and positive atmosphere that promotes learning and growth. My shy timid little girl now has the confidence to do anything. She dances everywhere we go and has made friends both younger and older than her, whom she absolutely adores.

Dawn makes dance affordable by renting out costumes instead of requiring me to buy them. That’s a huge deal for me since I have a house full of daughters. She also takes time to teach the parents how the competition hair and make-up should be done. I love that about her, because I usually don’t get it the first time. Her class sizes are small so my girls get the individual attention they need to succeed.

I love love LOVE…Falling Star Dance and highly recommend it to anyone considering taking or putting their child in dance class. -Megan

★★★★★ 5 Stars

The magic in this studio is in the title, “Falling Star”. It is a heavenly bright flash in the sky forever burning a memory in our hearts. Dawn changes anyone who dances with her. -ChrisJenn



     My little dancer has grown so much in her 3 years with Falling Star Dance Studio. She’s learned hard work and what practice can do. She has built relationships and learned to work as part of a team. The community of this studio is so strong and welcoming. We are so grateful to be a part of it! - Rachel R

     To a woman who is more complete in her heart, soul, and spirit than probably anyone I know. I saved this picture to share today, not because you’re her Dawn Teacher but because this is who you are. You are a mentor and a mother to every child’s life you touch. You teach them to be all they can be and then some. And you do this ever so gently that they know they are safe. No matter how far they try to reach, you will catch them in case they fall. And yes, you also teach them dance. - A grateful parent

     Kaylee has loved dancing with Falling Star Dance Studio. It has been fun to watch her love for dance grow and her confidence in performing as she has taken dance classes from Dawn. Kaylee is looking forward to another wonderful year of dance. – Marilee

     Dawn and Shaun - thank you is very trite a phrase for all you do for us in so many ways. I think the best part of it all is knowing, our children couldn’t be in better hands when it comes to dance, and truly believing deep within that the lessons will stay way beyond the stage and the dance floor. Thank you for you.- Dedicated Parent

     Falling Star has been my dancer’s home away from home for 4 years. Their instructor is caring, patient and gives the right amount of motivation. My girls have been taught to dance but have also gained self-confidence and team work skills. In final thoughts about the studio I would recommend them. We are happy to be a part of the Falling Star Dance Company Family. – Jen

     “...We will make sure the judges see your flexibility, expressions and that you join your passe’s, keep pointing your toes so we don’t see any feet...”
- the conversation went something on these lines between Pari and her “Dawn Teacher” when they went over the feedback and scores from the previous competition.  I am always in awe of how Dawn pushes her students gently out of their comfort zones, and has them flourish with each new dance. 
Well our little dancer Parijat, earned herself her very first overall #Superstar award for the novice division nationally by doing exactly  what her teacher asked of her - “to do her very best and have lots of fun”. 
In school a couple of her teachers mentioned to me that Parijat must really love dance.  Upon being asked why, they quoted her verbatim saying, “Dawn Teacher teaches us to do hard stuff.  And I love performing on stage and all that but what I really love is doing the best I can by practicing.  That’s why Dawn teacher says, to be the best you can be.”
One cannot prompt a child to speak the truth.  They do so, because it’s in their nature to be honest.  At Falling Star Dance, my husband and I rest assured knowing our daughter is learning to be a wonderful dancer on stage and a confident, caring and good human being off it. 
As a parent, could I ask for more?  I think not.  – Pritha

     We love Falling Star Dance Company and Dawn! The amount of time Dawn puts forth for her students is amazing. She truly cares about their success and seeing them succeed! The rules have always been about not winning that everyone is a winner and she does a great job of teaching her students that. She provides them with the tools to see their worth and talent and believe in themselves. Dawn's teaching furthers her students for success in other aspects of success in their lives. We love Dawn! – Jade S

     There are always a few moments and memories that remain etched forever when you look back on life and all the beauty it offered. Parijat performing her first ever self-choreographed solo under the wonderful guidance of her “Dawn teacher” will be one such milestone Indraneel and I will look back on with immense pride and gratitude. From learning to select a song, understanding its various renditions and edits, to the principles of choreography on how and where to use what kind of moves, to choosing a costume, Dawn helped Pari appreciate what goes on behind a dance that one sees on stage so she could learn to “make one of her own. - Pritha L



     The angels program made it possible to be in dance when there was a lot going on in our lives. It helped give my daughter stability. She loves it and she shows me all her dance moves at home. I am so grateful that we were able to be a part of this program. - Angel's Program Parent

     Our daughter has taken dance with Dawn for 3 year now. She absolutely loves it and is her whole world. This year some things came up with our finances with having a new baby and getting into a new home we could not see how we could work dance into it at all. But thanks to the sweet angels program, someone nominated my sweet daughter for the program so that she would not miss out on dance this year. We are forever grateful that we were able to keep her in dance. She worked hard in dance to pay attention and learn all her dances to her best. Thanks so much for letting my daughter be a part of this great program. - Angel's Parent

     Thank you for giving my tiny dancer the opportunity to learn grow and express herself through dance. The proud happy smile on her face while she is dancing with Miss Dawn, Miss Jamie and other girls is so precious to me. My heart is so full and I am so very grateful to the Angels Program. - Sincerely Angels Program parent

     Thank you so much for your donation to the Angel’s Program. Without your donation I would not have this wonderful opportunity to be in dance. Thank you! -  A grateful Angel Dancer

     My daughter has loved dance class so much. Without the Angel’s Program, dance wouldn’t be possible for us. Thank you so much for helping my dancer and other dancers just like her! - Grateful Angel’s Parent