Dawn Naylor
Studio Director

Dawn has over 30 years of experience in the dance industry. She has trained in and taught over 12 styles of dance. She loves teaching! As the owner of Falling Star Dance Company she has a hand in all the classes offered. She believes every dancer deserves special attention. She gives each of them the ability to improve on a personal level by creating small class sizes and offering individual training. Her students have won high honors at numerous competitions and her choreography has received awards throughout the state.  Dance has always been a part of Dawn’s life. As a baby her father would dance with her to put her to sleep. Dawn enjoys sharing her talents with others and with dance she has been able to achieve what many said was impossible. She would not be the person she is today without the passion she has for dance.

Shaun Naylor
Financial Director & Media Manager

Shaun has been working in operations and business management for over 10 years. He has helped companies succeed with his innovative approach. He has worked tirelessly to create our pricing structure, holding true to the studios values of offering affordable dance to everyone in the community. His background in photo and video has given a creative take on showcasing student’s personality and talent. He has been to every performance. His lively personality brings joy to our dancers. They love him and are ready to strike a pose capturing not just our studio’s choreography but the fun moments to create our memory video that all our dancers hold dear. We are thrilled to have him manage the financial and media aspects of our studio. His continued expertise will help the studio thrive and become a company that in known for its community outreach.


Leslie Gornichec
Fitness Instructor

Leslie has 2 daughters dancing a Falling Star and has seen how goal setting can build a foundation for health both physical and mental. Leslie loves setting fitness goals and has found her happy place teaching. Her experience has come from training for races like Spartan, attaining certifications in High Fitness and Barre Above, as well coaching others to become their best self. The physically building and mental uplifting benefits received for being active is a joy that she is excited to help everyone discover. We are excited to add this new adult fitness element to our studio and feel pride that we have a role model for an instructor.

Megan Astle
Costume Coordinator

Megan has a house full of girls. It is no wonder she is amazing at helping keep our costumes organized at the studio before and after performances. There are few that ever see the countless hours spent going through dozens of costume bags one costume at a time. The costume coordinator inspects each costume piece by piece before the performances to make sure there are no rips, tears, holes, marks, or stains that would cause the dancer to not look and feel their best as they walk out onto the stage into the spotlight. This also ensures there are no missing accessories that could cause stress before the show. This position is one full of love, which matches Megan perfectly through the dozens of hours of services she provided to our studio last year alone!

Tashelle Johnson
Social Media Specialist

Tashelle loves posting the priceless images of her adorable children and family on social media. Whether it is her oldest daughter accessorizing on her first day of school or keeping all of us updated on dance, Tashelle will be our go-to-girl to keep us up to date and on time this season. Throughout the season you’ll see posts such as Motivational Monday, Tuesday Tips (about dance), What’s up Wednesday (what is going in studio and within the community such as Fundraising or Advertising), Fun Friday (fun pictures from that week of dance), and Social Saturday (gives you opportunities to comment, ask questions, and stay involved in dance). If you are new to the studio and haven’t been invited to our group page yet, please let us know so we can add you to join in the fun.

Sabrina Clark
Fundraising Specialist

Fundraising brings the opportunity to teach life lessons to our dancers. When we work for things that are important to us, they mean so much more. Some of our dancers have paid for several months of dance entirely from their fundraiser earnings! Sabrina is our new specialist in fundraising. She has lots of experience hosting JDRF events as well as finding creative ways to promote and participate in community, school, and studio events. In previous fundraisers, her family has been known to triple the amount of fundraising earnings of any other participant. With her experience and drive to succeed, we are excited to have Sabrina as part of our team. Please reach out to her if you have questions about fundraiser requirements or opportunities.

Chris Carlson
Prop Designer

Chris engineers all of our large and incredible props you’ll see on and off stage. His props have been showcased all throughout the state of Utah from St. George to Lagoon. Some of our favorite studio props have included a Star (which an adult could sit on), a boat, six large golden picture frames, a wall (which dancers climbed up and danced on top), a pyramid with a glowing top, and a house with a two-way swinging door, just to name a few. He exemplifies the Falling Star spirit as he teaches his assistants (daughters- Laila and Lily) how to work hard for what you want in life. Chris has an unmatched sense of humor that puts a smile on all our faces.